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Cookie Confessions

I love, love, love these cookies! Not too sweet, crunchy, and just right! I buy them all the time from Schnucks, Dierbergs, or Straubs and can never stop eating at just “5” cookies – I’ve tried – so now I don’t bother to count! Everyone I’ve had try them always say how good they are. So glad to know they can be ordered online!!

Paula J.

These cookies are absolutely delightful! My husband always has me buy more than 1 bag at a time. A friend from New York tried them and now, every time she visits, I make sure she is stocked up to take some home. Thanks for making a great product – one we can all love!

Trina T.

Where have I been? This spring I went on a shopping trip to Green Acres Market and saw Grace’s Best Cookies in a display. Bought a package and can’t tell you how much I loved them! Then my daughter told me that A-Z Health Food Store in St. Joseph, had them also. But then….I saw them at Hy-Vee! My world is complete. And I don’t mind giving them to my grandson. I just have to tell you I love your cookies… TYVM!

Richard S., St. Joseph, MO

I am compelled to tell you as I’m opening and enjoying your Sunflower Seed cookies…that they are the most satisfying, fantabulous, incredible cookies I have ever had.

Cynthia Z.

I just adore these little nuggets of delight! Thanks for making something sinfully delicious that I can feel good about eating.

Fran S.

My wife and I put together Kansas City “Goodie bags” to share with our friends and family in Chicago. We tried to choose the best KC had to offer in signature treats: Grace’s Best Cookies, Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ sauce, Russell Stover Candy, and Roasterie Coffee. The winner, hands down, were your cookies. Everyone loved their unique flavor and crunchy goodness. Grace’s Best turned out to be Kansas City’s Best too!

Randall H.

Hi there! I recently stumbled across your cookies while in the health food aisle at our local store. I am a stay-at-home mother of a toddler and I am always looking for something new and natural for her to snack on as her preferences are constantly changing! I have to be honest and say that when we first tried these cookies, we just could not get enough!!! I brought them home and my husband was skeptical, to say the least. He hears “all natural” and assumes that taste goes out the window! And thankfully, you all have turned him into a believer, too!

Anna D., Memphis, TN

I have officially gone head over heels over Grace’s Best Sunflower Seed cookies. THEY ARE SO GOOD. After having them in Topeka with my grandmother, I searched in my town of Olathe, KS. Luckily, they sell them right around the block at Hy-Vee right near my house. Let’s just say I am one happy woman!

Carlie G., Olathe, KS

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your cookies. Cookies are my guilty pleasure and I almost always have some on hand in my house, but usually they are the big name brands that are SO bad for you. When I first saw your sunflower seed cookies in my Hy-Vee, I did not think they sounded appealing at all. However, a few days later they were giving out samples and I decided to try one – they were AMAZING! I don’t even really like sunflower seeds, but I love the taste they add to these cookies. They are all I will be buying from now on, and I don’t even shop in the health market. Thank you so much!

Amy T., Fulton, IL

Dear Grace, please stop making these cookies. Sincerely, My Waistline. P.S. I could honestly eat an entire bag of these if no one were around to shame me. I love them.

Beth D.

I’m not a big fan of sunflower seeds, but I love these cookies. Sweet, hearty, and slightly salty, they’re unlike any other cookie I’ve tasted. I’m so excited to have found them online; I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else since moving away from Kansas.

Catherine P.

This is the best cookie I’ve had in ages. Not excessively sweet, light, crunchy…I could go on and on!! I love the fact that there is no corn syrup or preservatives or artificial flavours and colours added. From now on these are going to be a steady on my grocery list…I bought the bag yesterday and it’s already half empty.

Raj B.
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